『最も勇敢な私の友達』 The Bravest Boy I Know,

(解説) HIV陽性の少年とその友達の少女の心温まる絵本です。UNAIDSと国連世界観光機関(UNWTO)の関連財団が共同で出版し、UNAIDSの公式サイトでもウエブ版の絵本やビデオがダウンロードできるようになっています。


 UNAIDSとUNWTO ST-EP財団がHIVをテーマに素敵な絵本を出版


 新刊の『最も勇敢な私の友達』(The Bravest Boy I Know)は8歳の少女Kayla と同じく8歳でHIV陽性の少年Kendiが主人公です。著名な画家スージーン・リムさんの美しいイラストで描かれるアフリカを舞台に、仲の良い2人がHIVにどう向き合っているのか。シンプルで力強く、そして心温まるお話しです。この本は、HIV陽性の子供たちが治療薬によって健康で活発な毎日を送ることができるという重要なメッセージを伝えています。また、薬のせいで体調がすぐれず、疲れやすくなることもありうる。この点も説明しています。

『最も勇敢な私の友達』の刊行は、国連の潘基文事務総長やUNWTO ST-EP財団議長のドー・ヤンシム大使、UNAIDSのミシェル・シデベ事務局長、UNWTOのタレブ・D・リファイ事務局長らが出席してローマで公式発表されました。本書は、すべての子供が学校に通えるようになり、教育内容の質の向上をはかり、市民意識を育成することを目指し、潘事務総長が力を入れている国連世界教育推進活動の成果です。


ST-EP財団とUNAIDSは 2011年11月から、すべての子供たちがHIVについて学べるよう国連ミレニアム開発目標(MDGs)で小さな図書館のすべてに UNAIDSコーナーを整備する計画を進めてきました。


2012年現在、15歳未満のHIV陽性の子供の数は世界全体で約330万人に達し、このうち65万人が抗レトロ ウイルス治療を受けています。子供向けに服薬が容易で効果が高い治療を広げることは、エイズ対策の大きな課題の一つです。2012年の段階では、生きていくために必要な治療を受けられるHIV陽性の子供の割合はまだ34%にとどまっています。


この本には英語版とフランス語版があり、ポルトガル語版ももうすぐできます。先生や保護者が話し合うための参考にしていただけるよう「子供と HIV」に関するファクトシートやビデオ版もついています。

UNWTO ST-EP財団は、国連世界観光機関(UNWTO)のST-EP(観光開発を通じた貧困軽減)構想の礎石となっています。この構想は、開発途上国、とりわけサハラ以南のアフリカ諸国のために観光の力を活用して新たな開発の機会を生み出し、力づけていこうとするものです。UNWTO ST-EP財団は韓国文化スポーツ観光省、GIZ、SNV、オランダ開発機関、IUCN NL、Travel Foundation,などの協力を受け、活動しています。

UNAIDS and UNWTO ST-EP Foundation release a unique new book on HIV for children
GENEVA/ROME, 8 May 2014―UNAIDS and the UN World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) Foundation have released a new book on HIV for children.
The book, The Bravest Boy I Know, is about two friends, Kendi and Kayla. Kendi is living with HIV. The story is set in Africa and beautifully illustrated by celebrated artist Sujean Rim. It is a heart-warming tale of how the two friends deal with HIV in a positive way. The book conveys the important message that by taking medicine children living with HIV can live active and healthy lives while also explaining that the medicines can make children feel unwell and tired.
The Bravest Boy I Know was officially launched in Rome by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Ambassador Dho Young-shim, Chairperson of the UNWTO ST-EP Foundation, Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS and Taleb D. Rifai, Secretary-General of UNWTO. It is dedicated to Mr Ban for his work in prioritizing education through the Global Education First Initiative which aims to; put every child in school; improve the quality of learning; and foster global citizenship.
“Stigma and discrimination around HIV very often prevent children and families from accessing essential HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care services,” said Mr Ban. “These books, which will be delivered to schools across Africa through ST-EP’s Small Libraries project, will help everyone understand that young people can live normal and fulfilling lives with HIV."
Since November 2011, the ST-EP Foundation and UNAIDS have partnered to equip all UN MDGs Thank You Small Libraries with a UNAIDS corner so that all children can learn about HIV.
“As the UN MDGs Advocate for Education, I firmly believe in the power of education to accelerate the achievement of all UN MDGs by 2015, and particularly Goal 6―aimed at HIV,” said Ambassador Dho. “This meaningful collaboration with UNAIDS is creating synergies that will have a powerful impact on the education and the health of children.”
In 2012, some 3.3 million children under 15 years old were living with HIV and 650 000 were accessing antiretroviral treatment. Increasing access to simple and effective treatment for children is one of the major challenges in the AIDS response. In 2012, just 34% of children in need had access to the lifesaving treatment.
“As a father and a grandfather I know that reading to children can be the best way to help them understand complex issues,” said Mr Sidibé, Executive Director, UNAIDS. “We hope that this book will encourage acceptance and openness as well as spark action to address the specific needs of children living with HIV.”
The book is available in English and French with a Portuguese version to follow. It is being released together with a factsheet on children and HIV, a discussion guide for teachers and carers as well as a narrated video of the book.
To view the full package of materials online, please go to

UNWTO ST-EP Foundation
The UNWTO ST-EP Foundation is a cornerstone of the ST-EP (Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty) initiative of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) aimed to harness the power of tourism to generate new opportunities for development and empowerment in least developed and developing countries, and particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. UNWTO ST-EP Foundation acts in cooperation with the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, GIZ, SNV, the Netherlands Development Organization, IUCN NL, and the Travel Foundation, etc.

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